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Events 2016/17:

Baden Masters, 26-28 august

Stu Sells Oakville Tankard, 8-11 september

Shorty Jenkins Classic, 15-18 september

College Clean Restoration Curling Classic, 23-26 september

Swiss Cup Basel, 29 sept - 2 october

Curling Masters Champery, 20-23 october

Masters of Curling, 25-30 october

Tour Challenge, 8-13 november

European Championships, 19-26 november

The National, 6-11 december

Canadian Open, 3-8 january

Swedish Nationals, TBD

Elite 10, 16-19 march

World Championships, 1-9 april

Players' Championship, 11-16 april

European Masters, 19-22 april

Champions Cup, 25-30 april