Niklas Edin

Competitive, analytical and mentally strong - words describing Niklas as a person and as a curling player. Niklas' competitiveness has given him success on the curling ice, but also an urge to try every sport you can think of. His analytical skills have helped him to bring techniques of different sports into his style of play on the curling ice. Angles from billiards, pinpoint precision from golf and the killer instinct from tennis are just a few examples of what he's fused into his own game. The ability he brings to the game is strengthened by his strong mentality - both in the way he tackles losses and in how he manages situations which in many others may faulter. He's the skip of Team Edin!

Oskar Eriksson

If there’s anyone with a higher competitiveness than Niklas it would be Oskar. Unlike Niklas however, Oskar didn’t in a young age try every sport he could think of – he stuck to curling. He started playing at age 7 and it didn’t take him long to understand the game. In his own mind he understood the game as well as anybody and he had barely started playing when he told elite players and world champions their tactics were 'a little bit off'. We who know him wouldn’t be surprised if he was right in his conclusions already then. His brain works in overload on analyzing pretty much everything. That skill makes him almost impossible to beat in a strategic parlour game.


Rasmus Wranå

Rasmus as well has tried many other sports, in particular floorball (hands up all you non-swedes who knows what it is. Google it!), but him and his family is mostly known for what they've contributed with on the curling ice. His dad, Mats Wranå, won the 2016 world seniors and his younger sister, Isabella, is part of the Swedish national squad where she skips a young, very promising team. Rasmus lives on his will and ambition on always getting better. Despite his young age he's already represented and skipped a Swedish team at the world mixed championships in 2015, finishing second. He was going to defend that medal, but changes in plans were made when he joined our team.

Christoffer Sundgren

Being from a small town limits your options in what sport you can join organized teams in. So Christoffer basically played for every team available in the town called Sveg – which at the time when he grew up only was football (soccer),ice hockey and curling. And team sports was the only thing that really interested him. Despite having three cousins working as ski instructors in downhill skiing the individual sports weren’t fun enough. For a long time curling was at best the second favoured sport – nothing could stand in the way of football.