Team Edin Events 2018/19

With the current group of players, the team skipped by Niklas Edin has played in a total of 20 finals on the World Curling Tour and in international championships. The 2018/19 season has a lot of great events to look forward to and the team is ready!

World Championship titles
European Championship titles
Olympic winter games medals
grand slam of curling titles

Baden Masters

Dates: 24-26th of August
Location: Baden, Switzerland
Type: WCT event
Info: The Baden Masters has been the first stop of the season to many teams for a few years now. Team Edin are the reigning champions.

World Cup

Dates: 10-16th of September
Location: Shanghai, China
Type: WCF hosted event
Info: The first ever World Cup of Curling event. It will host eight nations and this will be the first chance to qualify for the end of season event in Beijing.

Elite 10

Dates: 26-30th of September
Location: Chatham-Kent, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: The event is like golf’s match play and is a lot more offensive than regular curling. After a second place finish in 2015, the team hasn’t made playoffs since.

Swiss Cup

Dates: 4-7th of October
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Type: WCT event
Info: The biggest European Tour event and one of the tougher events on tour. Many games on a short period of time does get exhausting at times.

Champéry Masters

Dates: 18-21st of October
Location: Champéry, Switzerland
Type: WCT event
Info: A favourite event of ours. The scenery in this small alp village is great and gives an edge to this whole event. We are two time champions of this event.


Dates: 23-28th of October
Location: Truro, NS, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: Team Edin won its first ever Grand Slam of Curling at this event in 2016.

Tour Challenge

Dates: 6-11th of November
Location: Thunder Bay, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: A double event with the top 15 in the world competing in one and the 15 under that competing in another one.


Dates: 16-24th of November
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Type: European Championship
Info: We’ve won the last four European Championships played and Niklas has won six in total.

World Cup

Dates: 2-9th of December
Location: Omaha, USA
Type: WCF hosted event
Info: This will be a great event for the Americans to show the sport after claiming gold at the Winter Olympics by beating us in the final. We’d like to get our revenge! 


Dates: 11-16th of December
Location: Conception Bay, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: One of the major Grand Slam events and this time it’s held in Newfoundland. As Team Gushue is a fan favourite we expect lots of people in the crowd.

Canadian Open

Dates: 8-13th of January
Location: North Battleford Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: One of the four original Grand Slam of Curling events. We’ve never managed to win this one. The past two years we’ve lost the final Gushue and de Cruz.

Continental Cup

Dates: 17-20th of January
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Type: Curling Canada event
Info: Arguably the most fun curling event there is. The excitement of competing together with teams you usually compete against, facing the North Americans. It’s a great event for the fans too!

World Cup

Dates: 28-3rd of February
Location: TBD
Type: WCF hosted event
Info: The third and final qualification event for the final one in Beijing.


Dates: 30-7th of April
Location: Lethbridge, Canada
Type: World Championship
Info: As reigning and three time champions, Team Edin always enters the event fully prepared for what’s to come. Outside of the Olympics, this is the place where players get the chance to make its mark in history. The World Championship takes place in Canada every second year.

Player's Championship

Dates: 9-14th of April
Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: The most prestigious and important Grand Slam of Curling event. Double the points towards the Roger’s Cup – the cup that determines the overall winners.

Champions Cup

Dates: 23-28th of April
Location: Saskatoon, Canada
Type: Grand Slam of Curling
Info: Only winners of events during the season will get the chance to compete in this event. A great way for the teams to finish off strong.

World Cup

Dates: 6-12th of May
Location: Beijing, China
Type: WCF hosted event
Info: The best teams from the previous World Cup events will compete in this final event of the season to become champions.

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