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Thanks to the great media coverage during the past olympics, the sport of curling is growing all over the world and you’ll see more big events pop up in Asia, the US and in Europe. The inaugural year of the World Cup hosts four events, which all are set outside of Canada. That proves the sport’s growth from what used to be ‘only’ Canada, to four major events being held all over the world.


The international championships have a big part in the sport’s success and they have now created three highly competitive regions – Asia, Europe and North America. This has led to greater TV coverage and the teams are now well-known throughout the world. The sport boasts with great TV numbers during the Olympics in countries like China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Brazil and Sweden, and that is now spilling over more and more to the other major championships of the sport.

The Grand Slam of Curling

The Grand Slam of Curling 

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Team Edin has 15000+ followers divided on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Around 60 % are between the ages of 25 and 54, and about 53 % are female. 

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Our fans get involved with our social media accounts and the average post gets an engagement of around 10 % of the follower count. The post of us being 2018 World Champions had an engagement of 25 %.

23000 visitors in the past year should just increase with the new website up and running. A more responsive and engaging website increases the potential reach.

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